Are you sad much of the time? Do you feel so flat that no matter what you do you can’t seem to get pleasure? Does you energy feel low? Does everything seem like such an effort? Have you stopped enjoying the company of others and just prefer to be on your own? Do you find yourself becoming short, restless or irritable? Do you sometimes feel like you are in such a dark place that life is not worth living or that everyone would be better off without you? Has your drinking increased?

Depression can be a debilitating. It can affect your motivation, your energy, your ability to concentrate, your appetite and your sleep. It can affect all areas of your life.  It can often feel like there is no hope but there is always a life can improve.

Feeling sad is understandable when you experience a loss of something important to you and it usually passes after a short period time. Sometimes the sadness seems unjustified and you may feel guilty because you believe you have everything and so you have no reason to feel sad. If depressive thoughts and feelings are preventing you from functioning in your daily lives, socially or at work then it’s time to get help. The good news is that depression is treatable and you can learn to strategies to overcome it.

Your psychologist can help you identify and modify the unhelpful automatic thoughts and core beliefs that are interfering with ability to feel happy. Sometimes finding the cause can be tricky and this may be frustrating. You may have been told to just get over from people who do not understand depression. You may be telling yourself something similar. When out thoughts become focused on unpleasant or catastrophic outcomes, it’s difficult to see that your thoughts are pessimistic and not just a realistic view of what’s happening.

If loved ones have noticed changes in you and are concerned about you, it is worth contacting a psychologist to help you identify whether you are suffering from depression. Together you will be able to work out what changes will make a difference and what the most suitable treatment is for you.