Disordered Eating

Has comforting eating become more than just an occasional event? Do you find it difficult to stop eating once you start? Are your eating patterns all over the place? Do you find yourself preoccupied with food? Do you exercise excessively? Do you worry a lot about putting on weight? Have you tried everything you can to lose weight but find it impossible? Do you find yourself regularly consuming excessive amounts of food even when you are not hungry? Do you feel powerless to stop yourself and each time it happens convince yourself that this will be the last time? 

The way you think and feel can be interfering in your ability to create healthy eating habits or to manage your weight. You may feel like a failure or weak because you can’t control your urge to eat or what you eat. You may feel embarrassed and hide it from others. You may try to exercise or restrict particular foods from your diet in the hope that you will be able to regain control and manage weight gain. You may become excessively self critical about your body shape, weight or your ability to maintain healthy eating habits.  You may believe you don’t have the will power to handle cravings?

With so much information out there about healthy ways of eating and weight management how can so many people be struggling with weight issues? Your mindset and the way you manage stress can contribute to the struggle with food. If you have tried to manage your relationship with food but it continues to be a struggle it may be helpful to seek help from a psychologist who understands the emotional impact disordered eating is having on your life. Together you may be able to find solutions that you had not considered before. You will learn strategies to train your brain to respond differently to triggers so that you can modifying the thoughts blocking you from having a healthy relationship with food.  You will develop a plan to change eating behaviours and regain control.